CJML 580 Winnipeg back for a fortnight

Friday, August 05 2005

** CANADA. A reminder from a few months ago --- Come Journey Down Memory Lane,
the low-power Winnipeg station on 580, is about to come back for another

Re CJML, 580, the temp Winnipeg station, I was wondering if their website
(actually geocities) http://cjml.cjb.net/ is still up a biweek after their
activity, and indeed it is, crawling:

``...CJML will be back on the air!!!.....AUGUST 6 - 20 to celebrate VJ - DAY
broadcasting from Deer Lodge Center...`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST
5-091 via DXLD 5-129) Viz.:

Broadcasting Pictures from Deer Lodge here
CJML is proud to return Nostalgia Radio to Winnipeg with the Honoring of our
Canadian Veterans on the 60th Anniversary of VJ Day live from Deer Lodge
Hospital August 6-20 (CJML website via gh, WORLD OF RADIO 1283, DXLD)